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Winterizing Kit Deluxe

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Stain & Scale (1l)

  • A non-corrosive sequestering agent that bonds with dissolved metals to prevent staining and scale formation
  • Removes and lifts existing scale and stains
  • Prevents “bath tub” ring and scale at winter pool level when the pool is idle
  • Essential for well water or when water hardness exceeds 50 ppm.
Superkill Algaecide (1l)
  • Rapidly kills and prevents all algae
  • Non foaming, non-metallic
  • 40% poly-quat concentrate
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor pools and spas
Oxy Clear (1kg)
  • Long lasting oxidizer
  • Non-chlorine shock treatment
  • Completely soluble
  • Swim immediately after application
  • Clears cloudy water

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