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Pool Pumps

Winnipeg Pool Owners Can Count On to Save Energy and Increase Pool Circulation

While not the most exciting part of your pool’s anatomy, pool pumps are an essential part of what makes your swimming pool so special. Pool pumps act as the heart of your pool, designed to circulate pool water so it stays clean and healthy at all times.

By circulating water through your skimmer and drains and into your pool’s filter, your water goes through the necessary filtration process and keeps you and your loved ones healthy and happy. Ideally, your pool pump should reduce the amount of maintenance needed on your pool, keeping water cleaner for longer and allowing you to enjoy more time swimming and less time maintaining.

Without the right pool pump, your pool water would be dull and downright unfit for swimming, which is why it’s so important to choose a high quality pump. They’re typically available in two varieties - variable speed pool pumps and standard one speed pumps. Samson Pool Supplies carries the highest quality Hayward pool pumps Winnipeg pool owners can count on year after year.


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