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Sanitation Systems Information

UV Pool Systems Are an Eco-Friendly Way to Sanitize Your Pool Water

Since their introduction as a viable alternative to chlorine systems, UV sanitation systems have become a staple for pool owners everywhere. These UV systems employ ultraviolet light to sanitize pool water, reducing the amount of chemicals needed to maintain clean and safe pool water.

UV systems work by treating flowing pool water as it passes over a UV lamp which works to destroy organic matter and disrupt the makeup of organisms including bacteria, viruses, algae, and protozoa. UV systems have become so popular because they’ve allowed countless pool owners to take chemicals out of the equation, meaning that they’re better for you, your pool water, and the environment around you.

Samson Pool Supplies offers some of the highest quality UV sanitation systems and UV replacement bulbs available from trusted brands like Paramount.

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Salt Water Sanitation Systems Offer a Low Maintenance Alternative

Salt water systems have been around for longer than UV systems, having gained a great deal of popularity for their low maintenance nature. Salt water pool systems are renowned for their ability to create “softer” pool water, and for the fact that they don’t carry that famous chlorine smell or cause irritation to swimmers.

Contrary to what you might believe, salt sanitation systems actually do use chlorine. Instead of having pool owners add chlorine to the pool manually, salt water systems use sodium chloride to produce small amounts of chlorine to sanitize pool water. While they reduce the potential for irritation and other issues presented by chlorine-heavy sanitation systems and reduce chemical costs, they will require you to change out salt cells after about 5 years.

The showroom at Samson Pool Supplies features high quality Hayward salt systems and salt cells that will keep your Winnipeg inground pool clean and safe, and leave you feeling more comfortable each time you take a dip.

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