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Pool Cleaners Information

The Benefits of Pool Cleaners

There’s only so much time in your day, and let’s be honest, that time is much better spent enjoying time in the sun with your loved ones. Pool cleaners help pool owners free up some much needed time by taking care of the cleaning part with minimal (or no) work on your part. Many pool cleaners let you set it and forget with, with robotic pool cleaners even taking you out of the equation completely.

They’ll quietly and efficiently take care of debris, sand, dirt, insects, and anything else that makes its way into your pool - in fact, if it wasn’t for a magically clean pool, you’ll hardly even notice that there’s a little robotic butler hanging out in your pool!


Robotic Pool Cleaners - Just Set It and Forget It

Looking for a great way to impress visitors with your sparkling clean pool and leave them wondering how you find the time? A robotic pool cleaner is your personal pool butler, running off the power supplied by a standard outlet and picking up anything that stands between you and a clean pool.

Robotic pool cleaners help reduce wear and tear with advanced filtration capabilities, taking care of every part of your pool's anatomy from the pool floor all the way to the walls and even your stairs. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to keep your pool looking brand new, a robotic pool cleaner could soon be your best friend.

Samson Pool Supplies offers Hayward Robotic Pool Cleaners that’ll make your life easier and help you focus on getting the most out of your summer. Check out our full line of robotic pool cleaners here.


Suction Operated Pool Cleaners - Affordable and Low Maintenance Alternative

Winnipeg pool owners still looking for a way to keep their pool looking great who are turned off by the upfront cost of a robot cleaner can rest easy knowing that suction operated cleaners offer a great alternative.

Rather than operate from your main power, suction cleaners are operated by your pool’s suction line, using the line to move throughout your pool to scrub it of any dirt and debris that gets in its way. Suction cleaners are an easy way to keep your pool clean, are simple to maintain, and are built to last. These cleaners are a great alternative for pool owners, but require weekly filtration backwashing and as a result can be harder on your pool filter.

Our showroom is home to the best suction pool cleaners on the market, manufactured by the industry's top names including Hayward and Kreepy Krauly. You can view our complete line of suction operated pool cleaners here.