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Pool Pumps Information

Inground and Above Ground Pool Pumps

It’s important to note that there are different types of pumps for each type of pool. Owners of inground pools will require a hardwired inground pool pump, which uses a self-priming feature to draw water from the lower depths of the pool and into the pump. Inground pumps can be used in pools where the water level sits below where the pump has been installed. Semi inground and above ground pools will require an above ground pump, which requires gravity to feed water into the pump for priming and can be used with a standard wall outlet.


Variable Speed Pool Pumps Offer Energy Efficiency

Pool owners looking to upgrade from their original one speed pool pump are increasingly choosing variable speed models for their energy efficiency. Rather than run at a single speed to circulate water, variable pumps allow you to run the pool pump at slower speeds or take advantage of customizable intervals to circulate water for at whatever speed and during whatever duration you see fit.

They can also be programmed to shut off overnight or when the pool is not in use, allowing you to save on electricity by cutting out unneeded pump use. Many variable pumps also use enclosed motor designs which increase the pump’s lifespan and decrease sound so you can focus more on enjoying your time in the pool.

To view our selection of Hayward variable speed pool pumps, click here.


Circulate Pool Water With an Affordable Single Speed Pool Pumps

For pool owners not quite ready to commit to the more energy efficient variable speed pump, single speed pool pumps present an affordable alternative. These standard pumps operate at one set speed, measured in RPM, circulating your pool water to keep it healthy and clear. These pumps are used by the majority of pool owners because of their initial affordability, but will require much more electricity to run.

Samson Pool Supplies offers a wide variety of single speed pool pumps in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba, all of which can be viewed here.