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Winnipeg Pool Owners Can Rely On

Pool chemicals are an important element to maintaining pool health, keeping your pool water healthy and extending the lifespan of your pool by ridding it of unwanted algae and bacteria. The right combination of pool chemicals means that you’ll spend less time maintaining and cleaning your pool, and more time enjoying some fun in the sun.

It’s all about maintaining balanced pH levels in your pool water. pH levels are measured on a scale from 0 to 14 - the ideal level is considered to be somewhere around 7, with anything above that considered basic and anything below 7 acidic. pH levels should be checked on a weekly basis in order to maintain proper levels. Maintaining the pH of your pool water is a balancing act, but with the pool chemicals and pool supplies offered by Samson Pool Supplies, you’ll be able to maintain correct levels.

Samson Pool Supplies offers a wide range of pool chemicals to help you keep your water clean and healthy. To help you find what you need, we’ve prepared short descriptions of some of the pool chemicals you may find yourself using to maintain pool health.

Check out the chemicals information page.