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Sanitation Systems

Our Sanitation Systems Keep Winnipeg Pools Clean and Safe

Sanitation systems are an extremely important part of your pool’s anatomy. They’re the “liver” of your pool, and maintain the right chemical balance in your pool water to keep it safe and sanitized. Just as importantly, pool sanitation systems take the guesswork out of pool maintenance, which is a huge relief for most pool owners.

Until recently, pool owners were forced to deal directly with chlorine - whether in puck form or liquid - to keep their pool water safe. While the majority of pool owners continue to use chlorine to keep their pool water balanced, automatic chemical feeders make it much easier to keep up, and new alternatives have allowed pool owners to explore other options for pool sanitation.

In addition to using traditional chlorine, many pool owners have opted to use more eco-friendly alternatives including ultraviolet (UV) water sanitizers and salt chlorinators. Samson Pool Supplies is premier provider of high quality Winnipeg pool sanitation systems, offering top pool equipment brands including Hayward and Paramount.

Before you decide which sanitation system will best suit your pool, consider the benefits of each.