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Pool Heaters Information

A good pool heater is one of the best pieces of pool equipment Winnipeg pool owners can invest in, which is why it’s so important to make an informed decision. Before you decide on a pool heater, consider the following:

Get the Most Out of Your Swimming Pool with Natural Gas Heaters

There’s a reason why natural gas pool heaters are so popular - they can significantly extend the length of your swimming season, letting you enjoy your swimming pool well into the fall. Natural gas and propane pool heaters work quickly to heat your pool water, making it the perfect option for pool owners in Winnipeg and all across Manitoba.

These heaters can be used for both inground pools and above ground pools, and typically have two different model types: millivolt, which features a permanent pilot light and doesn’t require electrical service, and electronic, which lights with the touch of a button and is seen as more convenient and efficient than Millivolt heaters.

You can check out Samson Pool Supplies’ entire line of Hayward natural gas pool heaters here.


Heat Pumps Offer Pool Owners an Energy Efficient Alternative

For Winnipeg pool owners looking for a more energy efficient alternative to natural gas pool heaters, heat pumps are an ideal alternative. Rather than generating heat using gas or electricity, heat pumps allow you to transfer heat from the ambient air into your pool, letting you use 100% of this source as heat for your pool water. Heat pumps are a popular alternative due to their high level of efficiency, low operating costs, and reliability, but can typically only function effectively in temperatures over 15 degrees Celsius, which can be limiting for Winnipeg pool owners.

If you’re looking for a reliable green alternative to heat your pool, you can view our line of heat pump pool heaters here.


Electric Pool Heaters Are Perfect for Smaller Pools

For owners of above ground pools in Winnipeg, electric pool heaters are the perfect way to extend your swimming season. Electric heaters are specifically designed for smaller pools and spas without access to gas heating, using an electric current and a heating element to heat pool water. Electric pool heaters are energy efficient and perfect for smaller pools, but can take longer to heat your pool water.

Owners of above ground pools in Winnipeg can view the wide variety of K-Star electric pool heaters offered by Samson Pool Supplies here.