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Chemicals Information

Popular Pool Chemicals Used to Maintain Pool Health

Pool chemicals play a huge role in solving common pool issues and keeping your water safe for swimming, but it can be difficult to know exactly what they do and when you might need them. Before you pick up pool chemicals to treat your pool water, consider the following:

Oxidizer/Shock: Pool oxidizer, also known as pool shock, is used to rid your pool of all organic elements and improve water clarity. Using oxidizer in your pool is an important part of maintenance, and it’s recommended to use it every few weeks, though it’ll depend on the size of your pool and how often it’s used. Shocking your pool is sometimes called super chlorinating.

Chlorine: The most common pool chemical, chlorine is used to sanitize your pool water. It’s available in stabilized (for outdoor pools) and unstabilized (for indoor pools) forms. Chlorine can be added to your pool as needed in order to reach ideal pH levels.

Bromine: An alternative to chlorine, mostly used in hot tubs and spas. Bromine is used to sanitize water, and is less irritating than chlorine. It can be added to your hot tub as needed to reach ideal pH levels.

Balancers: Balancers are used to do exactly what it sounds like - balance the pH level of your pool water. Some balancers will lessen pH levels, while others will raise pH levels. Other balancers are used to adjust alkalinity, stabilize chlorine levels, balance salt water, and increase calcium hardness among other functions.

Algaecide: Algae buildup can be a pool owner’s worst enemy, which is why algaecide is there to help control the growth of and eliminate harmful algae from your pool.

Stain and scale: Used to protect hot tubs from scale buildup, which can lead to unsightly staining which is harmful to hot tub systems. Most often used to protect hot tubs which have been overtreated.

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