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Accessories - Solar Blanket Rollers

Make Your Life a Little Easier and Your Pool a Lot Warmer

Solar covers, also known as solar blankets, are an amazing way to keep the heat inside your pool, helping you reduce heating costs and extend your time in the swimming pool. Solar blankets offer a low cost way to improve your swimming experience, but can be a pain to constantly put on and take off. That’s why solar blanket rollers make your life a little easier as a savvy pool owner.

Solar cover rollers, or reels, make putting on and taking off your solar blanket easy. Simply attach the roller to your pool rails, attach the solar blanket to the roller, and you’ll be able to easily cover and uncover your pool whenever you want. No more awkward fumbling, just smooth and neat deployment every single time so you can focus on what you bought your pool for in the first place.

Our solar blanket rollers are designed to easily fit every above ground pool installed by Samson Pool Supplies. Check out our selection of convenient solar cover rollers below.