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Accessories - Pool Lights

Help Create Magical Moments

As a pool owner, nothing quite beats the magic found in those special late night swims. The world is calm, the night air is refreshing but not too chilly, and there are no distractions - just you, your loved ones, and your pool. Adding pool lights only makes those serene moments more special, brightening things up a little so you and those closest to you can extend your time in the pool as late as you want.

They also go a long way in making your pool look that much more beautiful in the evening - especially when using colour-changing lights. Pool lights can show all the features that make your pool special, bringing out the beauty of your backyard during get-togethers, BBQs and parties. On top of looking great, pool lights can provide added safety for anybody spending time around your pool, guiding their way and preventing accidents.

Samson Pool Supplies is Winnipeg’s premier provider of Hayward pool lights. View our entire selection of high quality pool lights , and get in touch with us about our professional installation services.

We are currently updating our inventory for this product type. Please contact us at info@samsonpools.ca and we would be happy to help you.