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Pool Filters Information

Affordable and Low Maintenance Hayward Sand Filters

There’s a reason why sand filters are the most popular type of pool filter in Winnipeg and all across the province. Not only are they an affordable way for pool owners to keep their pool water crystal clear, but their low maintenance nature means they’re the perfect options for those who are concerned about ease of use. Sand filters remove medium and large particles like grass, pollen and tree seeds from your pool water without the use of chemicals, cleaning your water and saving you money in the long run. While they don’t require chemicals, it’s important to note that sand filters will require weekly backwashing to wash away items which have been filtered out.

Samson Pool Supplies offers a full line of sand filters, including the Hayward Pro Series Top-Mount Sand Filter. Check out our sand filters here.


Hayward Cartridge Filters Offer Superior Filtering Capability

For Winnipeg pool owners interested in swimming in the cleanest water possible, cartridge filters are the perfect option for you. With far superior filtration capability, cartridge pool filters can handle even the smallest particles so you can enjoy crystal clear water each and every time you get into the pool.

Cartridge filters eliminate the need to use sand, powder or any other filter media, instead using easily replaceable filter elements which can be changed out in just minutes. They’re more energy efficient than sand filters, requiring no backwashing or flushing, allowing you to filter out even the smallest particles with little to no maintenance or downtime. If you’re interested in keeping your pool water clean, clear and healthy all summer long, there’s no better option than a cartridge filter.

Our showroom is home to the very best cartridge pool filters, including the Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter. You can view our entire line of cartridge filters here.