Titan 96,000btu Heat Pump


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Titan Titanium Pool Heater

Extra large heat collector and virtually chemical proof heat exchanger assures you your Titan Pool Heater will perform – extending your swimming season and enjoyment.

Titan Pool Heater are constructed with only the most advanced, highest quality components available. From leading edge technology compressors to extra high efficiency heat collectors, every components is carefully selected, insuring trouble-free operation.

Indestructible Titanium

You can have the very best with Titan’s TITANIUM Heat Exchanger.

It will last year after year…  regardless of pool water chemistry.

The heat exchanger titanium pipe is guaranteed for 10 full years against chemical corrosion. See manual for details.
The right Scroll Compression solution

The world’s first scroll compressor was designed by French engineer Leon Creux a century ago.

Since then, it’s become a hugely popular technology on this side of the pond.

To ensure its success for the next 100 years, Benchmark has taken the scroll’s strengths and made them even better.

With more than 20 patents pending, the Benchmark scroll has the highest SEER rating in its class…and uses 1/3 fewer parts than the leading competitor.

And thanks to its innovative press-fit manufacturing, the Benchmark scroll is the quietest in the industry.

Thanks to Benchmark, scroll’s 100-year legacy just keeps getting sweeter.

For details, visit  www.benchmarkcompressors.com