Are you looking for quality Swimming Pool Pumps? Samson Pool Supplies offers a wide range of Pool Pumps that will get your swimming pool back up and circulating again! We stock the most popular brands of pumps and can virtually source anything you don’t see here on our site.

Which Pool Pump Is Best For Me?

We stock and sell both standard/most typical pumps as well as the newer more energy efficient variable speed pumps.  Both pumps are great for your swimming pool circulation but some offer added benefits.

The Standard or Most Typical pool pump is the one speed version. These pumps run at the same speed (measured in RPM) while circulating your pool water. 90% of swimming pools use this type of pool pump which tend to be more economical at time of purchase but use the most amount of electricity to run.

Variable Speed pumps have become the more popular choice for Clients when upgrading from their original pump. These pool pumps have built in components that allow you to run your pump at slower speeds, set pre- programmed intervals of faster circulation for periods and slower circulation or even programmed to shut off overnight! These pumps are great for those looking to conserve energy and save on your monthly electricity bill.

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