Are you looking for the best brand of Pool Heaters offered in Winnipeg and Manitoba? Samson Pool Supplies carries a great selection of heaters designed to get you the most out of the swimming season. We carry Natural Gas Heaters, Propane Heaters, Electric Heaters, and Heat Pumps.

Which Pool Heater Is Best For Me?

Electric Heaters are designed for smaller applications or where the client has no access to gas heating options. These units heating power is measured in Kilowatts. Electric pool heaters are very efficient in the use of power for heating but can also use quite a bit of power.

Natural Gas & Propane Heaters are perfect for clients looking to heat their pools quickly and extend their swimming pool season as much as possible. These types of pool heaters will heat your pool very quickly, some almost as quick as 1 Degree per Hour. We highly recommend these types of heaters when being used in Winnipeg & surrounding Manitoba Areas.

Heat Pump Heaters are perfect for clients looking to go green and use 100% of the power source as heat. Heat Pumps take the ambient air temperature and convert this into heat for your pool. One thing to keep in mind is these units need a minimum ambient air temperature of at least 15 Degrees C to complete this process of heating your pool water.

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