Are you looking for Pool Filters in the Winnipeg and Manitoba area? Samson Pools Supplies offers many different Pool Filters at affordable prices! We carry some of the major brands and latest technology when it comes to swimming pool water cleaning.

Which Type Of Filter Is For Me?

We offer both Sand and Cartridge style filters. Each filter does a very similar job to the other but some have more recent technology improvements to increase the way they clean your pools water.

The Sand Filter is a great solution for clients with high tree seeds, grass, pollen and other soil sources constantly entering their water. These filters require a weekly “backwash” which is essentially stirring up the filter media source and washing away the items it has filtered.

The Cartridge Filter is great for people looking to have sparkle clean water without having to backwash and flush away the water you pay for from your City supply. These filters do the best job of cleaning your water by filtering smaller particles that can be missed by some of the other filter styles.

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