Are you looking for a reliable and efficient Pool Cleaners in Winnipeg Manitoba? Samson Pool  Supplies offers the latest in technology from some of the major brands in the swimming pool industry.

What Cleaner Is Best For Me?

Our staff is trained to assist you in making the best choice when it comes to your new Pool Cleaner. We offer a Suction operated Pool Cleaners as well as Robotic Pool Cleaners.

The Suction Operated pool cleaner is great for people looking to purchase an entry level automatic pool cleaner that will take the pain away from hand cleaning your pool every week. These cleaners operate by plugging into your pool skimmer port and use the suction power of your pool pump to operate your cleaner. Suction operated pool cleaners randomly move around your pool so clean times can vary depending on pool size & shape.

The Robotic Cleaner takes care of everything for you cleaning every square inch of your pool and turning itself off once its done. These cleaners often have a built in filter system which needs to be clean after every use. No need to worry though, these filters can be cleaned with a garden hose in a couple of minutes! A Robotic cleaner is the most efficient cleaner you can purchase and constantly learns the quickest way to clean your pool each and every time you turn the unit on.

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